Mercedes-Benz M177 C63/C63s Cold Air Intake

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The Eventuri C63S AMG intake system consists of a number of components engineered to perform a specific purpose and fabricated to the highest of standards. Here are the details for each component and the design ethos behind them:

Each intake system consists of:

  • 2 x Carbon Fiber Airbox Lids with Turbo Inlet Transitions
  • 2 x Carbon Fiber Airbox Bases with Inlet Duct Transitions
  • 2 x Carbon Fiber Inlet Ducts
  • 2 x Bespoke High Flow Panel Filters
  • 4 x CNC Machined Aluminium Filter Flanges
  • 2 x CNC Machined MAP Bosses
  • 4 x CNC Machined Rubber Mount Holders
  • 2 x Custom EPDM Couplers
  • Laser Cut Stainless Steel Bracket Work

Performance Gain : Stage 2 C63S : 22-30hp, 20-24ft-lb

Performance Gain : Stock C63S : 10-12hp, 12-15ft-lb

Dyno tests were carried out on both a fully stock C63S and a stage 2 C63S which had downpipes and a remap. Below is the dyno graph for the stage 2 car which had the same tune on all runs and only the airbox was changed. Importantly the hood was closed for all runs to simulate road conditions. Dyno testing with the hood open - especially with open cone style intakes does not give a reliable indication of how the intakes are affecting power. On the road the hood is closed and so all the heat from the turbos is trapped in the engine bay. On the C63S this is intense heat which is why a sealed system is so crucial. Dyno testing an open cone system with the hood open will yield gains but once on the road the heat soak will cause a significant detriment to the power with the open cones sucking in the hot air. With higher air temperature being less dense, the turbos will not make as much boost resulting in lower power. Furthermore, once the car is accelerating and the open cone intakes have pulled through the standing hot air present, they will continue to pull in the heat generated by the engine and turbos as they spool. With the engine under load and accelerating, turbos produce a lot of heat which can even be seen with the hot sides glowing red.

With all 3 objectives met, our W205 C63S intake system delivers on all fronts and allows for the turbos to generate boost more efficiently. This results in an improved throttle response and genuine power gains which increase with higher states of tune. Since there are various turbo upgrades available for the C63S we have also catered a specific solution for larger turbos. Our C63S intake is available in 2 configurations: 61mm ID outlets to match the stock and hybrid turbos and 3″ ID outlets to match larger aftermarket turbos.

Flow Bench Test Results

We conducted some flow rate tests using a Superflow SF-1020 to measure the maximum flow rate possible at a pressure drop of 28” H2O. Tests were done on the same day in controlled conditions using the same test jig for each system. We tested our sealed intake with our custom filter, the stock airbox with stock filter and an open cone tubular type intake with the intake tube at the same diameter as the stock turbo inlet. Both the left and right side airboxes were tested.

This shows just how restrictive the stock airbox is, which we have managed to improve by up to 41% in maximum possible flow rate. Interestingly the open cone intake, although flowed more than stock, did not flow more than our sealed system. This is because the diameter of the intake tube remains constant all the way from the outlet of the turbo to the cone. So whereas our system dramatically opens in internal volume from outlet to the filter, the open cone system remains at the same smaller cross sectional area. It’s like sucking through a straw vs sucking through a funnel.